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What Is Law Firm SEO Marketing?

SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization refers to digital marketing that is designed to get your law firm on the top of a search engine’s results page. For example, if someone searches for the term “personal injury lawyer” in your city, you want to appear first on the results page. SEO is the way this is done.

Why do lawyers need SEO?

Digital has revolutionized the way legal marketing is done. It is now essential that a law firm is seen online. Almost all potential customers now do digital research and less than 6% of them go to the second page of search results. For this reason, it’s crucial to your law firm’s success that you appear on the first page of search results.

7 Benefits of Law Firm SEO

  1. Targets consumers who are searching for a lawyer with your qualifications
  2. Law firm digital marketing is cheaper than more traditional forms of marketing.
  3. It’s where consumers are looking. Each day online search engines receive millions of clicks. Law firm SEO marketing strategies help your firm be more visible to potential clients.
  4. Online legal marketing comes with unprecedented analytics. No longer will you be left guessing whether your advertising is working.
  5. It’s made reach more affordable than ever. If you’re practicing law in multiple states or cities, law firm SEO is a cost-efficient way to reach people.
  6. Marketing a law firm online allows you more flexibility. Nothing is set in stone online. Changes to your website are simple and inexpensive to make. They also take effect immediately!
  7. Brand yourself as an expert. Fair or not, many people assume the top lawyer in the search results is the best lawyer. Use search engine optimization along with our other digital marketing efforts to brand yourself as the expert.

Frequently Asked Questions About Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. In such a technological generation, we consider it essential that your law firm is easily seen on the internet by all potential customers that are seeking your services. Phonebooks are a thing of the past, and the internet is literally in the palm of their hand. 75% of internet users do not go past the first page of the search results they receive. Because we are able to land our attorneys on the front page for the terms they want, we consider ourselves the best search engine optimization company for lawyers.
We all know what a huge advantage having the internet is. Digital space is now where our library, communications, favorite shows, shopping and even food orders can be found – all from a few clicks. The possibilities are endless, and it’s clearly here to stay. One great thing about the net is that you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for. In advertising, this can be thought of as both a pro and con. There is not a surefire way to get your ads viewed, unlike television commercials, because in this case, the user decides what he or she wants to see. That’s just it though – the viewer that is seeing your internet commercial or webpage has chosen to do so. They are seeking a lawyer. Which means, instead of getting your name out to everyone, you are getting it out only to those that actually need you. Your marketing is going directly to a willing customer.
These are search engine rankings that are NOT paid ads. It is where your page is listed in the search results just by being great.
We are a small company that is able to land big results. We do not claim to hold the solitary key for success, because we believe there is not a single answer that can be applied to every client. Instead, we have a small team of hard workers that bounce ideas of each other to provide the best outcome for each client. The fact that we are able to get RESULTS for our attorneys is the obvious difference.