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Pay Per Click Advertising Management

Law firm marketing plans can benefit from pay per click advertising. PPC for lawyers works in combination with organic SEO to produce maximum exposure.

Pros & Cons of PPC for Lawyers?

  • Achieves top-of-page position quickly
  • Allows for A/B testing of ads
  • Provides excellent analytics
  • Bills only for clicks & requires no minimum spend


  • Less likely to be clicked than an organic search result
  • Can be relatively expensive for a click depending on your area of law


What is Legal PPC?

Pay per click, usually referred to by its abbreviation of PPC, refers to online advertisements that bill advertisers by the number of clicks the ad receives. These ads appear in the search engine’s results page when the keywords that you’ve chosen to show up for are typed in the search box.

Exclusive Legal Marketing recommends using PPC for lawyers in combination with SEO for law firms to achieve maximum exposure.

When Is Pay Per Click A Good Option for Attorney Marketing?

PPC is great for marketing law firms that want to:

  • Rank immediately
  • Run special time sensitive offers
  • Dominate the search results page