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We have developed an advanced system, that works in conjunction with our in-house call monitors, to measure your incoming calls, quality assurance, conversions, and more. This is an exclusive system that is was specially designed for our use and is available with no other company. At any given time, you will be able to log in and see how many calls your office has recently received in our Call Analysis Reporting System (C.A.R.S.). Even further, you can see how many of these cases have been accepted from your office, and keep an eye on your turnover rate. You can literally watch your firm’s success in numbers.


Advanced client reporting services app


Check out the full version of our Call Analysis Reporting System, aka C.A.R.S. by signing up with Exclusive Legal Marketing.


How Is Your Staff Representing You?

Customer service can surely make or break your business. We make sure that your intake staff is giving the best customer service possible by recording each and every call for you. We listen to EVERY call, EVERY day so nothing is missed. If any issue is noticed, we will report it to you, accompanied by the recording. Of course, we take no authority over your staff, only helpful advice for you to pass on. If you should desire, we are also able to provide training seminars with tips on handling tougher customers and providing a natural yet effective call flow – at no additional cost to you.